Subject matter excellence

We’re building a global community of Subject Matter Experts who deliver expertise in a diverse range of sectors and cultures.

A community of experts

At the heart of Exfluency™ is our community of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) – a global collective of people who are each expert in their field.

From doctors and teachers to lawmakers and historians, these experts all have one thing in common – an immense passion for their subject. They live and breathe their subject matter, placing them in the ideal position to share their knowledge with the world.

Empowering excellence

Rather than simply translating words, our SMEs take a deeper dive into the meaning and intention of the text they are working on – bringing their unique expertise to every project.

Our SMEs understand the terminology, abbreviations, concepts and nuances that a machine translator or even a traditional human translator might not spot. So, when our clients need a high level of expertise and accuracy, our SMEs know exactly how to tailor and enhance the translation to ensure the message is understood.

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