Sharing value

By giving language back to its creators and users, Exfluency™ is empowering everyone to create meaning and share knowledge, anywhere and in any language.

A more inclusive process

We are being challenged in our understanding of the fundamental principles of capitalism. What is the meaning of value? Since the financial crisis of 2008-9, capitalism has been redefined – our economy has become more diverse: more circular. Now it needs to become more inclusive.

LangCoin, the Language Coin, is our way of sharing value with the Exfluency™ Community. Every time you create a unique linguistic asset, you will be rewarded with LangCoins. Every time you help a colleague, you will be rewarded with LangCoins. Every time you create terminology, you will be rewarded with LangCoins.

  • Because Exfluency is a peer-to-peer platform, Requesters get more content for their investment
  • Because Exfluency is a peer-to-peer platform, Redactors, Enhancers, and Trust Miners earn more

Why we share revenue with our Community

Because it’s the right thing to do.

It’s the Exfluency Community that is providing the money to generate linguistic assets and the know-how to make them fit for purpose.

We are creating a win-win for the Community: Requesters can order more translation for the same investment, and Subject Matter Experts can earn short-term with fiat payments and longer-term with LangCoins.

While under no legal obligation, Exfluency is earmarking 5% of revenue to buy back LangCoins from Community members who wish to cash in. We wish to create the foundation of a strong Language Coin for the mutual benefit of all those involved in the creation and nurturing of language data.


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