Sharing know-how

In the past, knowledge was guarded fiercely. But today we know that sharing information brings far greater rewards – even when we share with our competitors. So how does Exfluency™ make it easier to share knowledge?

Paying it forward

People love to share. At Exfluency™, we bring together know-how with language skills. We are all Subject Matter Experts in something, and with Exfluency’s patented taxonomy system, we match people’s skills with the content that needs to be enhanced.

The latest generation of consumers has grown up with the Internet at their fingertips, and it has taught them the power of sharing and collaboration. Once people experience that power, it is natural for them to apply the same logic to every aspect of their lives. There is a long-term trend towards sharing finite resources or ‘paying it forward’.

With blockchain, this ability to trust someone you don’t know to do something important for you, has just become a whole lot easier.

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