Sharing data

We’re creating a community where sharing data is encouraged – allowing our clients to create impact within their field while being rewarded by us.

Serving a greater good

Explaining how to win a presidential election, Bill Clinton famously declared: It’s the economy, stupid.

Today, if you want to win anything, one needs to acknowledge that: It’s the data, stupid.

Data is being amassed by a few extremely large corporations, and then leveraged to make our lives easier – or make us buy something, or perhaps vote for someone.

At Exfluency™, we believe that language data serves a greater good if it is shared with everyone else. We are a data gateway, not a data gatekeeper.

If you buy a translation and then publish it on the Internet, why not make it available to everyone in Exfluency? We’ll pay you with LangCoin – the Language Coin – and your data will create Exfluence™, spreading out and helping others to communicate across different languages and cultures.

Working in the platform’s Open Community, your data is shared automatically. NGOs, charities, and many others can disseminate their good work immediately, benefiting far more than their original target audience.

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