Moral responsibility

Doing the right thing doesn’t just feel good; at Exfluency™ it is a moral prerequisite. Working to demystify the world at a time that is seeing disinformation deployed as a tool against understanding could not possibly be more important. If, at the same time, we can give a voice to the disenfranchised and marginalised, then we too have contributed (if just a little!), to helping the world become a better place.

Empowering communication

At Exfluency™, we’re painfully aware that the world faces challenges far greater than those we can solve through greater sharing of knowledge. However, there’s little doubt that people threatened by issues like climate change, political persecution, and commercial self-interest, often lack the ability to make themselves heard.

We believe that, by empowering them to communicate their stories in their own words and in many different languages, we can contribute to making this a better world.

Exfluency will therefore actively seek to work with NGOs to help people communicate.

We value the world’s languages

Every one of the world’s 6,900 languages is equally precious but, when the opportunities arise, we will be furthering programmes to reward the creation of linguistic assets in endangered languages.

For example, when we buy back LangCoins from the Community, we will donate these Language Coins to NGOs so they can generate new multilingual content.

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