The Exfluency™ platform

The Exfluency™ platform is the interface that provides everything our clients and Community members need to request and create first-class multilingual content. From the outset, we've focused on making complex concepts simple – also when it comes to our intuitive and easy-to-use platform.

The dashboard

The dashboard is the hub for Requesters, Redactors, Enhancers, and Trust Miners.

On the hub, users can update their personal details, billing information, skillset nodes, language pairings, and hourly rates. Requesters can also check the status of their in-progress projects, while Redactors, Enhancers and Trust Miners can scan their workload and job offers, and review projects they’ve previously worked on.

Exfluency - Requester Dashboard

Exfluency - Editor

The monolingual editor

Anyone should be able to work quickly and effectively in the Exfluency Editor – and most importantly, to have fun while they do it.

Our simple-to-learn, easy-to-use editor is monolingual, which means only the translated text is shown – this is the preferred approach for Subject Matter Experts working with pre-translated texts. The Exfluency Editor shows Enhancers and Trust Miners only what they need to see, while intelligently highlighting anything it thinks might help them.

Using our unique monolingual editor, SMEs need only change 14 words in every 100 of the pre-translated texts the system generates for them.

The Exfluency Editor helps our Community work faster and deliver earlier – without compromising on quality.

Recycling linguistic assets

Work carried out for a client is automatically stored in the Asset Store. The stored linguistic assets can then be reused in future work carried out for the client and incorporated into the NMT-generated content presented to the Enhancer.

The go-anywhere workplace

The Exfluency editor is also browser-based, which means as long you have an internet connection, you’re always available for work.

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