Frequently Asked Questions

No, far from it. Blockchain is the technology on which Bitcoin is founded, yes. But the technology can be used in many other ways. At Exfluency™ we are currently operating three blockchains: one for the meta data attached to the linguistic assets; one for the Trust Chain; and one for the Language Coin.

There are lots of reasons why you might want to join the Exfluency Community in your free time. For some, Exfluency is about the satisfaction of being part of a community that’s helping to make a difference in the world. For others, it’s a chance to make some extra money, while for retirees, it can help them keep in touch with an industry they used to work in. What’s your reason for joining the Exfluency Community?

That’s up to you. You decide when you want to work and for how long. If we offer you work but you don’t have time to do it, we’ll just pass it onto someone else. No questions asked.

Nothing, and there are no ongoing membership fees either.

Presented with a text that might be partially recycled from the Asset Store and partially processed through 3-4 NMT engines, an Enhancer is asked to improve the quality of the immediate translation version. On average, enhancement requires that you correct 14 words in every 100, i.e. you aren’t being asked to translate – Enhancers enhance!

This is the quality control phase of producing a good text. Trust Miners (anonymously) check the work of their colleagues, awarding a score for every linguistic asset. The score for any one assignment is called the Exfluenscore; each Exfluenscore contributes to the Enhancer’s overall Trust Chain and reputation. The better the Trust Chain, the more likely an Enhancer is to be offered new work in a particular field of use.

Redaction involves OCR’ing (where necessary) and then anonymizing data prior to the enhancement and trust mining stages. The better the quality of the source data, the better the chances are we can recycle data already in the Asset Store, and the better the NMT engines can do their work too. The key factor here of course is the anonymization.

  • Because we respect the rights of the individual
  • Because we respect the rights of the customer
  • Because we can better leverage data

Any section of text concluded with a so-called hard return in a digital file. A one-word header and a 200-word paragraph are both examples of linguistic assets.

  • You can only be member of one Company – as employer or employee
  • Gated Communities allow the Administrator to bring together precisely those people required to work on specific assignments. Typically, this will mean a combination of company employees and freelance SMEs. Only gated community members will be able to see the data; only gated community Requesters will be able to recycle the data stored here.
  • Everyone is per definition a member of the Open Community – but not your data. Sharing data with the Open Community needs to be a conscious effort on the part of a Requester.
  • Anyone who creates a unique linguistic asset
  • Anyone who helps a colleague solve a problem
  • Anyone who creates a term accepted by the Community
  • Any Requester that releases data to the Open Community: the Power of Sharing!
  • Requesters can use LangCoins (rather than fiat) to purchase new translation
  • When the internal market opens, everyone else will be able to sell LangCoins to Requesters
  • While not legally obliged, Exfluency™ aims to use 5% of revenues to buy back LangCoins from the Community – you will, of course, be free to sell or hold

You might want to think about it! The more linguistic assets created, the harder it becomes to earn LangCoins – and the greater their value. There is therefore a good chance that the earlier you earn LangCoins and the longer you wait to cash them in, the greater your return.

If successful, LangCoin will play a significant role in the generation of millions of translations in thousands of languages. That does not constitute a gimmick.

You will be asked to deposit a sum prior to downloading any versions (redacted, immediate translation, enhanced, trust mined) of your text. Note that, as you gain LangCoins, you will be able to use your Language Coins to purchase more translation.

An enhanced text has only been read through and improved by one Subject Matter Expert; a trust mined text has been quality checked by a second pair of eyes. We also provide a second Trust Miner review for your most critical content.

  • Every time a text is trust mined, the resulting Exfluenscore is added to the Enhancer’s Trust Chain, e.g. it is a quality marker as to how good the Enhancer is in any given field and language combination. It is this information that drives whether this particular Enhancer will be offered new projects.
  • Exfluenscores that are more than twelve months old drop off the Trust Chain – Community members are only as good as the work they have carried out during the last year.

By being the best in a specific field of use. The more you specialise, the better your chance of moving towards the top of the Reputation Board.