Data anonymization

Our data anonymization solution is a semi-automated procedure that removes clearly identifiable information from data sets rendering them fully secure.

Our unique approach combines automation and manual refinement for superior protection.

Enhanced anonymization increases data value. Exfluency workflow complies with regulations and involves careful AI-generated output review.

Anonymization happens pre-NMT engines, with machine learning and tailored solutions for continual improvement.

Exfluency Data Anonymization

Your security solution

What is it?

Data anonymization ensures your sensitive information stays safe. This process removes personal details from datasets, replacing them with untraceable placeholders, preserving data context.

Our unique approach

We combine automation with meticulous manual refinement for top-tier data anonymization, going beyond standard methods to ensure utmost security.

Unlocking value

Enhanced data anonymization increases data reuse and value. Your content can be repurposed without compromising privacy, creating new, reusable material.

Our workflow

Complying with strict data protection rules, our workflow includes advanced anonymization. This upholds privacy by design as AI-generated output is carefully reviewed for accuracy.

How it works

  • Security priority: Anonymization occurs before data reaches NMT engines, never letting sensitive data leave Exfluency ecosystem.
  • Anonymization engines: Our engines use machine learning to replace personal info with tokens, improving over time.
  • Continuous enhancement: Exfluency algorithms refine anonymization processes for better data protection.
  • Tailored solutions: We train custom anonymization engines for your data, ensuring confidentiality during document anonymization.

Safeguard sensitive information with our data anonymization process. Your data stays secure, preserving privacy without compromising utility.